Hi Ritesh,

Can you confirm if you are using the *response.getAsString()* method in 
generating your report data as you mentioned that you are getting the 
response in your console? Or, are you currently downloading your report 
data in CSV format but was not completed due to the request getting hanged? I 
asked these as our Java reporting examples 
to other languages that we support) already shows a report generation in a 
CSV file. If you are already using our reporting examples and still it 
hanged in your end, then can you provide your clientCustomerId as well as 
your report definition 
 via *Reply privately to author* option?

Also, since you mentioned that you have millions of records, you can also 
consider adding predicates or shortening the date range of your report 
requests to minimize the size of your generated file. This will also 
minimize the timeout 
if you are currently experiencing this.

AdWords API Team

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