I'm working in python and following this 

I'm trying to modify that code to upload a final URL for each keyword. This 
is what my call looks like:

  def BuildAdGroupCriterionOperations(keyword_list):         
            criterion_operations = [
                    'xsi_type': 'AdGroupCriterionOperation',
                    'operand': {
                        'xsi_type': 'BiddableAdGroupCriterion',
                        'adGroupId': keyword[2],
                        'criterion': {
                            'xsi_type': 'Keyword',
                            'text': keyword[0],
                            'matchType': 'BROAD',
                        # These fields are optional.
                        'userStatus': 'PAUSED',
                        'finalUrls': {
                            'urls': keyword[1],
                        },  # The finalURLs is causing an error
                    'operator': 'ADD'
                for keyword in keyword_list]

            return criterion_operations
keyword_lists is a list of lists that looks like this: [[keyword, 
final_url, adgroup_id],[keyword, final_url, adgroup_id], ext...]

This is the error I'm getting: 

> Operation 0 - FAILURE:
> errorType=AdGroupCriterionError
> trigger=None
> fieldPath=operations[0].operand
> The script works fine if I comment out the finalURLs part.

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