Hi Peter,

My apologies for the confusion in regards to the developer token. Based on 
the guide 
yes, you can always reset your developer token if you feel that this is 
compromised. In regards to the impact of resetting your developer token 
with your OAuth2 credentials, this does not have an impact. You can still 
use your current OAuth2 credentials (client ID, client secret, refresh 
token) with your new value of your developer token immediately. When you 
reset your developer token, the old developer token is also invalidated 

For resetting your client secret in the Google API Console Credentials page 
<https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials>, it will also 
invalidate immediately the old client secret for a given client ID. 
However, as you have tested (I have also tested this on my test account), 
this does not have any effect to the refresh token as generally, refresh 
token is tied up to your client ID. So if your client ID is still existing, 
and you did not delete it, then the refresh token will still be valid not 
unless you have reached the limit of 50 refresh tokens. If you really want 
to manually invalidate the refresh token, then you need to revoke it. 

Let me know if my explanation is clear or if you have further 

AdWords API Team

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