Hi Erick,

I had to remove the other screenshot that you attached as it contained 
sensitive information such as your clientCustomerId. You may refer to our forum 
posting guidelines 
future posts in order to avoid exposing private information related to your 
account(s). As for the issue, the error you encountered does not appear to 
be AdWords API specific, but rather a setup issue in your client library. 
However, in order to further look into this and possibly identify a fix, 
could you provide which client library you are using and any other logs 
that I could use to further investigate? You may reply using the *Reply 
privately to author* option for the information I requested.

Also, my apologies as I seem to not recognize the issue regarding the 
"contract" in your other screenshot. Could you confirm if this was included 
in the SOAP request and response 
when you used one of the AdWords API's services?

Best regards,
AdWords API Team

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