We were hoping to get some clarification on the maximum membershipLifeSpan 
for CRM-based lists that are using Mobile IDs. Some documentation/samples 
[1], [2] indicates that a maximum of 540 days may be used in this case, and 
when creating such a list from the AdWords UI, the "No expiration" option 
is removed, and a maximum of 540 days may be entered. When creating a list 
via API, if no membershipLifeSpan is manually specified, the list is 
defaulting to "No expiration", and lists created either via API or UI 
(which has a limit on create) may be changed to "No expiration" on edit via 
the UI. Being able to set it to "No expiration" from both API and UI has 
led to some ambiguity as to whether the limit documented is accurate or not.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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