I have an MCC account and now i want to let other people authorize 
themself using OAUTH2. I have it working that i can generate a refreshtoken 
using the Oauth builder and the adwords builder.

Now i cant get it to work, when someone authorizes themself, i can access 
their campaigns or add them to my campaigns/

What i want to happen exactly:

User comes on website and clicks on the 'Join' button -> User gets 
redirected to the google page to give access to us -> User gets redirected 
to callback.php where a refreshtoken is being generated for this person -> 
after that the refresh token has been generated user is sent to 
'results.php' -> results.php will show every campaign/adgroup they have at 
the moment

The first parts go right until going back to results.php, it keeps giving 
errors like DEVELOPER_TOKEN_NOT_APPROVED  while its using the developers 
token of the MCC account...

Because of this its not showing their campaigns to me

I hope that anyone can explain me the right workflow, as i am messing up 
pretty bad right now.

Thanks for any help!


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