Posting an issue concerning the latest version of the aw-reporting tool 
here as well. Originally posted in the aw-reporting github issue 
section.but maybe someone can help here as well since this is critical and 
needs to be solved somehow before the next api sunset.


We have been using your tool for years with the same settings without any 
major issues. Updated the tool to the latest 2.3.0 now and experiencing 
some serious performance issues with our largest reports. 

We keep up-to-date detailed data of our keywords for 65 days resulting in a 
total of 10+ milloin rows. Up to now that query has taken about 4 hours to 
complete when refetching all the data after updating the tool. However now 
after this update the report downloading slows down after a while and gets 
jammed at around 1,5 million rows updating only a few hundred rows per 
minute. At the beginning of the process the download speed is around 60 000 
rows per minute. 

Any ideas how we can solve this critical issue? I have tried restarting the 
whole process from scratch now twice so that does not seem to work. Please 

Report properties

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