I'm not sure I made the issue clear with my original post. I am using the 
AdWords C# SDK 
get and modify campaign objects from the API. These are the steps I'm 
taking, and the issue I'm having:

   - Get a campaign by ID using the CampaignService.get(Selector) method.
   - This returns a C# Campaign object
      - By default the object has the field adServingOptimizationStatus set 
      to OPTIMIZE.
      - The C# object *also *has an adServingOptimizationStatusSpecified 
      field. This is set to TRUE automatically.
   - If I make changes to* different *fields on the Campaign, and then call 
   CampaignService.mutate(operation[]), I get the error 
   - As you said, the adServingOptimizationStatus field is read only as of 
   v201710, so if the adServingOptimizationStatusSpecified field is set to 
   TRUE, the operation fails.
   - As a work-around, whenever I get a campaign from the API, I have to 
   set adServingOptimizationStatusSpecified on the C# Campaign object to FALSE 
   before doing anything else.

It seems like this is pretty clearly a problem with the dotnet lib. 


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