We have been using adwords api for a while, and so far, we got only little 
issues with the api. But, since last week, after we switch to the v201802 
version of the api, we are experiencing some issues with the bat jobs.

The operations that we usually do, like max cpc updates, are failing 
sometimes, with the message "OperatorError.OPERATOR_NOT_SUPPORTED | | 
operations operations[4404].operand | RequiredError.REQUIRED | operations - 
operand operations[4404].operator | RequiredError.REQUIRED". Sometimes we 
upload more than 1M bid updates, in chunks of 100k operations, and about to 
10-20% return with this error. We tried to reduce the number of items in 
the "chunks", but, same problem.

Today, we are also having trouble in adding new keywords. For this 
operation, the api is returning an "BatchProcessingError.INTERNAL _ERROR", 
and the jobs with the "CANCELED" status.

Thanks in Advance

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