Hi all,

currently there's a number of content label exclusions that can be set in 
the Web UI, but are returned with ContentLabelType "UNKNOWN" and thus 
cannot be added to a campaign or account using the API. As far as I can 
see, the following content labels are affected:

"Content suitable for families": Returned as a single criterion with 
"UNKOWN" type
"Sensitive social issues": Returned as two separate criteria, both with 
type "UNKNOWN"
"Tragedy and conflict": Returned as two separate criteria types, one being 

What's interesting about the last case is that when you add the "TRAGEDY" 
criterion on the account level, the "Tragedy and conflict" checkbox in the 
web UI is checked, even without adding the second "UNKNOWN" criterion 
(which is of course impossible anyway).
Could it be that the second "UNKNOWN" criterion in that scenario refers to 
the no longer available "CONFLICT" content label?

As for the first two cases, when can we expect to be able to set these 
exclusions over the API? Or are these referring to obsolete content labels 
as well?

Thanks for your feedback and best regards,

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