Hi Tirtha,

Yes, I got your private message and I have also replied to you privately. 
If you have not received my reply, pasting it again below:

Thanks for providing the screenshot. If you will click the "Other search 
terms" question mark button in the AdWords UI, these are search terms that 
you didn't get any clicks within the last 30 days. You may also refer to 
this post 
the AdWords Community Forum which discusses more in detail the "Other 
search terms".

If you will check the Search Query Performance Report, 
 all attributes, segments and metrics do not support zero impressions 
(Supports Zero Impressions = False). Therefore, the "Other search terms" 
with no clicks is not supported in this report type in the AdWords API. I 
believe that AdWords UI will only show you the total "Other search terms" 
statistics, but will not show you the breakdown of the "Other search terms" 

Let me know if you have further clarifications.

AdWords API Team

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