Hi all.

I'm having some issues to do a parallel report download. I have a MCC with 
two accounts in it and I want to get the same reports from both accounts. 

First I have a question, which client_customer_id should I use for that? My 
MCC one?

Testing the example, I'm getting the "NotImplementedError". What does ir 

The full error message is below.

Thanks in advance.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/gustavotronchin/PycharmProjects/Performance 
line 230, in <module>
    main(adwords_client, REPORT_DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY)
  File "/Users/gustavotronchin/PycharmProjects/Performance 
line 73, in main
    queue_size = input_queue.qsize()
line 143, in qsize
    return self._maxsize - self._sem._semlock._get_value()

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