Hello there,

I am a newbie here and trying to integrate google adword api in PHP from 
the official github. We have installed this library using composer on our 
development server and have followed the tutorial to create a new project 
using google developer console, set up client id, client secret by 
selecting the application/project type as other and adding the scope and 
everything by generating the Authorization Code. Access Token and developer 
token in my adword account plus I have my clientCustomerId and everything I 
may need to be used.

I have added all the above information in my auth.ini file and I can see 
that this information is accessible in GetAccessToken.php

The system generates a url which I click always creates a new request token 
which means that the client id and other combination is correct. However, I 
am still not able to move forward as I am getting following errors, when I 

Your OAuth2 Credentials are incorrect. Please see the GetRefreshToken.php 
example. { "error": "unsupported_grant_type", "error_description": "Invalid 
grant_type: " }

I would really appreciate if someone can help me to investigate this issue.

If needed, I can share further details with you.

The same error occurs, when I run  

Here is the sample request:


Any suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you

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