Hi Mahmoud,

Thank you for sharing your logs, however, I had to edit your initial post as it 
contained private information of your account. You may check out our forum 
posting guidelines for future posts.

Moving forward to your issue, you can refer to the the INVALID_CONVERSION_TYPE 
documentation to learn more about its causes. To narrow down the cause of the 
error, could you confirm if you have set up cross-account conversion tracking?

I asked because upon checking the SOAP logs you included, I could see that you 
used a MCC account in your request header. If you have indeed completed the set 
up for cross-account conversion tracking, then using your MCC as the 
clientCustomerId and your MCC's OAuth2 credentials should be correct and your 
request should be successful.

That being said, if you have not completed the set up, could you identify which 
account the "scp" conversion belongs to? You can use the 
ConversionTrackerService.get() for each of your client accounts to do so. Once 
you have done so, you may retry your request using that account's ID as the 
clientCustomerId and use OAuth2 credentials which has access to that account. 
Let me know if this works.

Should the issue persist, you may send to me privately, using the Reply 
privately to author option, the updated SOAP request and response logs so I can 
further investigate.

Thanks and regards,
Google Ads API Team

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