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​​Below is a conference notice and call for papers from the Philosophy 
Department to graduate students. 
The conference is sponsored by the Boston College Philosophy Department and 
Clough Center for Constitutional Democracy and will be held on Friday and 
Saturday, March 3 and 4, 2017.

Here is the website for the conference which includes the CFP as well. 



ConferenceTitle: The Territory of “a People”:Questioning Community
Date: Friday-Saturday March3rd and 4th. Place: Boston College
Boston College Philosophy Department and CloughCenter for Constitutional 
Keynote Speakers:
MichaelHardt, Professorof Roman Studies at University of Duke;
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im, Charles Howard Candler Professor ofLaw at Emory Law 
David Wood,W. Alton Jones Professorof Philosophy, Professor of European 
Studies,and Professor of Art at Vanderbilt University;
Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback, Professor in Philosophy atSödertörn University
Call For Papers:
Inthe contemporary political discourse, the fate of people are easily 
affectedwith univer- salized categories andconcepts: citizens, strangers, 
others, refugees, immigrants, Ameri- cans, Mexicans, Jewish, Muslim,British, 
Non-British, European, non-European, etc. We seek to critique these so-called 
borders andde-borderings in a genuine philosophical ac-tivity of thinking and 
Whatis “a people”? Where does a “gathering” of people take place? What is the 
memory of this place? How do thepre-established organization of geography and 
relics—uncon- scious history—begin to make sense?This conference problematizes 
the notion of com-munity and sheds light on the multiple forces of attraction 
that affect bodiescoming to- gether in a geopoliticalmovement. Thus, we are 
going to delve into the conditions under which such a gathering of “apeople” 
might come to pass while preserving the phe- nomenon of their multiplicity and 
singularity. Also, theecological and geographical at- tractions of the place 
which drawbodies into them.
Thepapers are going to be put in three domains of Politics, Ecology and 
Aesthetics. Here are some generaltitles and themes we are going to work with:
•   theinterplay of law, constitutions andsocial contracts within and in the 
formation andorganization of community.
•  therole of affects in political organization
•  therelation of the economy, commodity and capital in the formation of a 
•  thedialectic of nation state and globalization
•  emigrationand adaptation of the nomadic body

•  environmentaland ecological perspectives on human communities
•  theinterplay of human ecologies, social ecologies and political ecologies
•  theintersection of animality and civilization
•  Umwelt,animal world's and the ecology of affects
•  therole of imagination and narrative in community
•  theintersection of sexuality and body with community
•  historyand interpretation as productive of a community
•  thecommunity of myth and the myth of community
Submitted Papers should notexceed 3500 words, and written with the goal of a 20 
minute presentation inmind. Please prepare submission for blind review,and in- 
clude name, title and institutional affiliation on a cover page.
Submissionsand inquiries should be sent to:
Thedeadline for submissions is December 15th, 2016.
To knowmore about the conference and see the updates please visit:

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