Now that I think about it, this will not work without sharp bandpass filters on the transmitters. To do what I have drawn here without the filters you would need a hybrid combiner on the TX and you will lose another 3 dB in that.

So 6 dB loss over all from one end to the other.

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Nate, I am posting this to the list too.  Want to see if I made a mistake
here.  I don't have a ton of experience with the internals of the AF11.
I think each diplexer feeds a TX and an RX right?
Not sure how good the RX input filters are.  So I used a splitter rather
than circulators.

Circulators would have less loss but you have to have a pretty sharp
bandpass filter on the front of the receivers to do that trick.
You could add the filters.

Not sure this will work without TX filters too but I think it will.

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Both paths are dual polarity v/h
Radio1 TX 11505
Radio2 TX 11225

Radio1 TX 11015
Radio2 TX 10735

Those are different Diplexers on the AF11 Radios  11015x11505 is the
high diplexer  11225x10735 is the low diplexer.  If they were just
single pol licenses, I'm already doing that with 2 radios on 1 AF11
dish, one radio on V one radio on H.


On 3/25/2020 12:07 PM, wrote:
10735 is pretty close to 11015.  Would these be tx frequencies?
Need to know what is RX and what is TX at this site.  Also what is on what
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The boss is asking the questions, and in his mind it should be as simple
as wire-nutting the 3 coax's together.  So I have to follow up with why
that won't work and present a solution for him.

Channels we have are
11505x11015 (high)
11225x10735 (low)


On 3/25/2020 11:10 AM, wrote:
Yes, you can do that and it is lossy.
Circulators and splitters are frequently used.
Being high/low licenses makes things a bit more difficult.

If you can give me details as to what radios and frequencies you want to
put on the AF11 dish I can think on it a bit.

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Chuck, We've been using your AF11 REMEC adapters in a couple places.  I
have a location where I can't physically add another Dish, but I do have
2 licensed channels to the site.  1 high band and 1 low band. Is there
a way to combine 2 dual band radios onto the same dish?  I already have
the AF11 dish installed, so if there was just a way to do a
splitter/combiner with the N Connectors, that would be ideal.  I didn't
know if such a beast existed, or if it was something in your
engineering/production toolbag, or if it's technically impossible.
Maybe using the Coax would be too much loss, and the only way to do it
would be with a feedhorn combiner, and the remec adapters.  I thought
this might be something that you would just know off the top of your

Thank you,
Nate Burke
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