Good point.

Ken Hohhof wrote:
900 is magic not science.  I never felt there was a logical explanation to 
where it worked and where it didn't.  I also believe cnHeat is basically 
looking for LOS, and if you asked it to evaluate NLOS paths, now the LIDAR data 
would have to distinguish maples from pines from buildings.

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Thanks. I'm watching an old webinar where only 5GHz and 3.5 GHz was supported.  
900 was on the road map.

Jeff Broadwick - Lists wrote:
At least 900, 2.4, 3.5, and 5

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´╗┐What frequencies does it support? wrote:
How do they charge for it?  Can you do work for the next guy over?
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I would bet they would be able to get something arranged. You never know if you 
don't ask. I know one isp in the same boat, 150 towers, lots of hills, I can 
see the price being too high. But the other part where they help identify best 
locations to cover from may be worth it. Less towers and more coverage is 
always good. Planting people seeds would be good too. But they're hard to keep 
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     I would love to give it a go. But the pricing model of per site
     does not work for us.  We have to have many small sites because of
     hills and trees , over 90 currently.   I can see if you had a few
     mega sites it could make sense.

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     much much more than free

     but much much less input and much much much more output

     I had the same question, and skepticism, until i saw the data and
     applied it to our real world.

     The way I look at it, radio mobile costs zero. A no line of site
     generates zero, so thats a wash on its face. but the truck rolled
     and other jobs werent done, so theres a net loss. that in itself
     probably scales to the price over the course of the customer we

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         What does it cost?  More than Radio Mobile...?

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         I dont know if many of you degenerates over here still do this
         pasky WISP stuff, but I am demoing CNHeat, this is a literal
         game changer, we took a no line of site this morning to
         install. we would have walked away, btu happened to have the
         CNHeat for the location. found the spot, great signal (we
         actually missed it because walking the roof and the scan time
         didnt grab it)

         there was  a marginal spot we considered, this would have been
         bad long term.

         we went through migrating a few hundred customers off 320 to
         EPMp the last few months, this would have been a godsend, half
         of them will need to be revisited in spring when leaves come
         out, but we were pressing to clear 320 to make room for 450
         cbrs stuff

         your installer can walk out the door each morning with a
         picture and have a best location target, install survey times
         will be minimized and youll know youre well beyond first good
         spot, and on the probably best spot.

         I dont come across a product im this excited about too often.
         If I had the time id go look at the last years NLOS and see
         where we missed revenue options. And this is just IDENTIFY the
         other two components are crazy perfect too

         like anything, youll need to know how to look at the data, and
         its only as good as the data you put in, I think we are all
         familiar with that here.

         This is nowhere near free, but i think abut how much less I
         can do on my Access points because of marginal installs, and
         how much we have lost in NLOS that didnt need to be


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