Given the budget constraint, torch (yeah it's realtime only) might be all you've got without a lot of work.

If your CPE are SNMP aware, then you could poll for usage on everybody's interfaces every 10 minutes and store that in a database. Then create a web form for yourself to query the database based on CPE MAC address and a specified time frame. That would take zero cash, but either a very little or very lot of your time depending on your coding skill. I think on UBNT you would have to query each CPE directly, and on Canopy you could either query the CPE or you can query just the AP's and get the bytes transferred for each LUID.

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lol, for my requested purpose other than dpi, i dont think the mutli 10k solution we were quoted was it.

not being a jerk, but if the unit is on your network, how does it mitigate a ddos? will it speak with my upstream that doesnt support blackholes with bgp? is it working with powercode again since it broke operations with powercode? will they provide me a document that says theyre legal with the whole "open internet" nonsense

I really liked them, til we priced them. We invested with netenforcer some time ago, it was great at the time because p2p was so destructive to a network at the time, but once we moved bandidth beyond a couple T1s they decided we needed a good old fashioned no spit raping. I say the same structure in procera... then the powercode break happenned, and I didnt care if it got resolved, it broke.

I can toss a sniifer on or dump a mirrored port. I think I may have indicated I care more than I do. I was primarily asking if my current environment had a tool that consiststed of this much work: what IP are you curious about? (I input the IP, maybe click my mouse less than 10 times and key in less than ten more digits) and i come bak and have a torchish output saying what happenned.

if it doesnt stay within that simple of a solution with the gear I have, I dont really care to give the ten percent who arent dicks any different answer than the 90 who are

On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 8:52 PM, Josh Reynolds <> wrote:

DPI? QoS? DDOS Protection? CGNAT? Customer Support Tools?

You talk a lot about a product it doesn't seem like you've ever used.

On Sep 15, 2016 8:42 PM, "That One Guy /sarcasm" <> wrote:
yeah, crazy thing about that, not looking to drop multiple 10ks at once to have a nice guy on a product that quits working with the management system and is questionably legal beyond monitoring :-)

On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 8:37 PM, Josh Reynolds <> wrote:
Procera :P

On Sep 15, 2016 8:36 PM, "That One Guy /sarcasm" <> wrote:

so we got this:
"Can yotu help us somehow figure out what is using all of our data? We have looked at the daily usage and can not figure it out. There are days that we have been gone for several hours and the usage is VERY high. Then days we are home have been extremely low. We are at a loss; can you help us or recommend someone who can. Is there a way to break this down hourly? Thanks!

this is the one in ten request, the other 9 are normally "we didnt do this you people are lying,we never use the internet, our kids follow rules, youre cheating us" in a real catty voice

screw those 9 douches, its usually one of the spouses porn affliction, the kids game console. or the fact they leave 5 units running in the house with netflix on autoplay, if theyre not illegally torrenting some shit.

but, there is the one, who arent cocks, they genuinely want to know. We arent providing them a router, so monitoring from there directly is out

we just recently moved DNS to us (huge value I have already found) So whats the best way (to the account, not the individual machine) to track this down, in our environment, We have mikrotik 1100ahx2 from to AP to the edge, and for the firs time, I actually want to set up a tool to help the 10 percent and if you guys who know more than me can spit out a script to drop in to monitor this customer I can pretend I have value within th company. .

If you only see yourself as part of the team but you don't see your team as part of yourself you have already failed as part of the team.

If you only see yourself as part of the team but you don't see your team as part of yourself you have already failed as part of the team.

If you only see yourself as part of the team but you don't see your team as part of yourself you have already failed as part of the team.

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