I was happily surprised this time around that Apple updates didn't cause
massive sudden spikes in traffic. it ramped up a bit on Tuesday and then has
been flowly tapering off all week .. We'll see what next week looks like


Our Akamai graph (which for us is where all Apple updates come from - YMMV)



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macOS sierra is next tuesday (20th)..  Nice of Apple to give us two big
download Tuesdays in row though :)

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iOS 10 and Mac OSX Sierra came out on tuesday the 13th


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Looks like this PS4 update was released on Sept 13th -- as was a 500MB
update for Windows 10 and some sort of El Capitan OS X Update.  We didn't
start seeing real issues with the Windows 10 Update until the last 48 hours,
since then its been a shit show of complaints :(  



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I suspect the majority of them are already actually done... mine updated a
few days ago.


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In the very near future all PS4 with an internet connection are going to
automatically download a large whole operating system update... 

4+update> &gl=us&tbm=nws&authuser=0&q=playstation+4+update




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