Any BS news stories play right in to the hands of the politicians. The more
the news outlets spend time on that, the less they spend on actually doing
any real investigative journalism and educating the masses on what is really
going on...


I never ceased to be amazed watching RT news shows and actually hearing the
US reporters who work for them actually doing real reporting especially on
economic issues. No real bias and slamming both sides when need be based on
the actual facts and actions of the politicians, not rhetoric or pre canned
position statements.


Any time there is a crapload of fluff/celebrity news plastered all over the
place, I start wondering and digging for the real news that is not being
reported the old saying goes, watch the other hand of the magician


Thank You,

Brian Webster


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Do the Kardasians own Google?


I would like to see some stats on who gets the most exposure there.  


I swear, it is a daily update on that family, or perhaps two or three
updates a day.  Talk about marketing.  

Creating a brand out of nothing.  

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