how many here would be interested in helping a startup? I have an
opportunity, fairly lucrative, to help a guy wanting to start a WISP in the
near term. I think it would be cool to just turn him to this particular
list with the expectation he would get the un-metered responses from
industry folks that I have always enjoyed about this joint.

Im being brought in as a component of something Ive been working on for a
couple of years, I can make some coin, but im also one of those people who
occasionally likes to just light something on fire to watch it burn.

assuming after the conference call this seems like a doable thing and dude
would be ok with being identified publicly as a project, would you folks be
interested in giving some serious (non UBNT fanboy douchish) input to the

I think it would be cool just to see a guy who came in knowing he was a
project amongst industry folks intent on advising a guy and how it turns

This is the only list im on that im much more than a read only member. This
would be like a bukake session,  without masturbation  but still a bunch of
penises up in your face.

I will point the guy here anyway, its like the garbage dump of manuals for
the TLDR crowd so he will grow regardless, assuming his intention isnt to
step on any list members toes it would be like an incubator egg for
everybody in second grade.

If you only see yourself as part of the team but you don't see your team as
part of yourself you have already failed as part of the team.

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