I whipped my largest/beefiest son (26 years old) in arm wrestling a week ago. It was a bit of a pyrrhic victory. (look it up) (arm/shoulder hurt for days afterwards)

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LOL, enjoy it, my dad was 89 in June and still can run me ragged...

Larry Smith

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Love it !  My dad used to ride Jetskis with me into his late 70’s.  Good

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[Inline image 1] I should have got a pic with the old man hanging the EPMP
APs to send to cambium

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With our 320 disaster in play we are offloading to epmp, any available
techs will be knocking out subscribers tommorrow, and I'm loading out an
abab cluster at a grain elevator. My dad offered to help, and the boss
approved. I'm going to have the best God d@%ned  tech tommorrow, he might
be 76 and won't be climbing any towers but I'll guarantee tommorrow is
going to be an efficient day. If I run into a pickle trying to figure out
some mounting options I'll actually have some solid input. Hell, the amount
of time I'll save not having to go through and check every bolt to see if
it's tight alone will knock out half the work.

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