I sent them an email to get full specs and pricing.  I suspect with a 2’ dish, 
1.5 miles should be attainable.


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Just got this.  10^-12 BER?  80 GHz?  For how far, quarter mile but only when 
the sun is shining?

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ALCOMA Microwave releases a new high transmit power 80 GHz radio – 2.5 Gbps 
Full Duplex


-          Best Price

-          Best Warranty – Best Support

-          2.5 Gbps Full Duplex (5 Gbps aggregate bandwidth)

-          Meets RFC-2544 Carrier Grade Standards

-          High Transmit Power

o   Some manufacturers provide a “link budget”. What does that mean? Simple, 
they won’t disclose true Tx power and attempt to hide the numbers in the 
receive sensitivity. Easy to guess why they won’t provide Tx power in product 

o   Alcoma provides an accurate online path calculator with Tx power – many 
competitors won’t – what are they afraid of? Maybe an accurate path analysis 
that demonstrates their radios seldom achieve “advertised bandwidth”.

Don’t be fooled by competitors telling half-truths and hiding important 
specifications. Be careful when buying a radio that doesn’t meet RFC-2544 
standards or that measures BER at 10-6. Alcoma measures BER at 10-12.

ALCOMA manufacturers carrier/military grade radios that perform to the highest 
standards…and at the BEST PRICE! ALCOMA delivers complete specifications – not 
smoke and mirrors like some competitors.

And, if you’re interested in licensed radios 6/11/18 or 24 GHz unlicensed, 
ALCOMA offers carrier/military grade links with antennas starting at $3995 – 
yes, a complete licensed link.

Please contact RF Datacom to receive a copy of Alcoma’s 2016 Pricing Guide and 
Product Specifications

Steve Marks
Regional Manager
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