how tight is the space.. 

Would a right angle plug cable not work ? 
or even one of the flat Ethernet cable ? 

If it is really tight, you can always use the regular connector and not feed 
the outer jacket into the end of the jack.. 
you will have a working cable, a bit ghetto looking, and no strain relief... 
but a working cable 


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> From: "TJ Trout" <>
> To:
> Sent: Monday, October 17, 2016 7:33:25 PM
> Subject: [AFMUG] Short body rj45

> Could anyone recommend a brand of short body RJ45 connectors that they have 
> had
> good luck with? I have a very tight spot that I need to fit a patch cable into
> but all of the connectors I find don't have any good specifications that I'm
> able to understand.

> Like these Molex connectors does anyone know what wire gauge they are made 
> for?
> Maybe you know by reading the specs but I can't figure it out


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