For $250 you can get a decent 7” fully functional android tablet with decent 

Chris Wright
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Found this which you will probably say is way too expensive for a 7” display 
but it is a touchscreen with a sturdy stand and for some applications the 7” 
size would be a plus.  I suspect it gets used as a second screen for customers 
to read and sign.

There is also the HP S140U.  Oh, and ASUS has one for USB Type-C.

The Mimo models are the only ones I’ve seen with touchscreen options.  Both 
resistive (which I assume is for use with a stylus) and capacitive (for 

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iPad  can with an app

On Friday, October 7, 2016, Ken Hohhof 
<<>> wrote:
Are those little portable monitors that run entirely off a USB port (including 
power) any good?  Like for attaching to a headless PC when you are onsite?

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