Yes, that sounds right.


It looks like ARIN has no nameservers listed for your block.


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So I'm assuming I can make a free account with <>  
and then login to arin and set the delegation for the RDNS, then I need to 
login to the <>  and make a rdns entry for the 
customers IP address with the desired domain name they want to resolve? Is that 
somewhat correct?


On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 10:00 PM, TJ Trout < 
<> > wrote: <> 


The goal of my post was to see if anyone knew of any way to resolve this 
without spinning up a dns server, i.e. hosted solution for rdns that's 
free/cheap, etc.


I realize arin doesn't host DNS but I thought maybe there was so method to do 
something like SWIP that would resolve this, again I'm a noob.


On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 9:52 PM, Ken Hohhof < 
<> > wrote:

Give us an example of one of your /24 blocks.  Or look it up at ARIN to see 
what they think the authoritative nameservers are.  Here is an example of one 
of mine:


(this is for <> )



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I'm the owner of the IP space, how exactly can I get this rdns entry made? Does 
this involve hosting a DNS server or can I just make an entry into one of 
ARIN's databases?


On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 9:36 PM, Ken Hohhof < 
<> > wrote:

Whose IP space are they on?  Yours?  Surely you control reverse DNS for your 
own IP blocks, right?  Part of ARIN allocating a block to you is authoritative 
namesevers for the zone.  You could host rDNS anywhere you want, 
as long as ARIN points to those nameservers as authoritative for your block.


Are you saying this customer is using IP space from another provider, or has 
their own?  You would need to get the owner of that block to delegate DNS to 
you for that IP address or subnet.


I remember once I was doing hosting for a customer who had a T1 from AT&T, and 
AT&T policy was not to provide rDNS for AT&T blocks assigned to a customer if 
that customer’s domain was hosted elsewhere.  Actually, what AT&T did was to 
delegate rDNS to my nameservers without telling me first, which resulted in 
constant lame delegation log entries.



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Subject: [AFMUG] Reverse DNS entry


Is it possibe to make a reverse DNS entry for a customer doing hosting on their 
service if I'm not hosting my DNS in house ? ( Ducks)


I'm assuming not? Anyway to resolve their request with hosted DNS or through 
Arin's website ?






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