Yeah, the "tilt-n-raise" hitch mount I linked earlier could be used with a 40' Rohn telescoping mast. That ought to hold a 1' subscriber antenna....and maybe a camera to check optical LOS. Those would be the primary uses.

NYSEG's unit looks like it's 65' - 70', and they appear to have a Wimax BTS on top. Going that high with that much load would be nice, but I'm thinking it would have to be powered, or at least have a windlass. I just don't think it would be safe otherwise. For how much we would use it, it's probably not worth the time to build it. Definitely not worth buying for 5 figures.

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How tall do you want to go and how much load will you put on it? There have been some square tube and aluminum tubing do it yourself plans I have seen in the amateur radio community. Some of them however have very limited top load capacity as many of them are designed as supports for ends of a long wire antenna.

You can find flagpole hitch mounts cheap on amazon and build some sort of nested pipe/conduit arrangement if the height requirement is not too much.

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I'd love to get a pneumatic one with outriggers, but it's so damn spendy.

Poor man's version is Add your own mast with 2" OD at the bottom.

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Quick Google search finds this

On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 11:09 AM, Chuck McCown <> wrote:

Maybe that is what it takes to read the meters in the area.

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See attached Pic. Our power company has this pickup truck with a gigantic mast on the rear end. I assume they're testing their smart meter junk with it....or something.

My question is where can I get one of those?!

I'm definitely jealous of their survey pole size.

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