The spec sheet lists everything in Kit #2. Charger, cleaver, and carrying case are all on the list.

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Is that with a cleaver and battery? Pretty good price for a fujikura. I paid about twice that for my 18S a few years ago.

On Monday, August 7, 2017, Adam Moffett <> wrote:
We recently got brand new Fujikura 12S Kit #2 for $3200.
From a vendor, not ebay.

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Subject: [AFMUG] fusion splicer recommendations?

found some info on the list but it was about 2 years ago so I thought
I'd ping again and see if there's any new info out there.

Looking for recommendations on the E-bay variety fusion splicers (ie:
$3-5k)  - wondering what people have tried and liked?  IE the Eloik
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