OH wow its Gerard I thought chuck found some place you had to trench the fiber with a spoon. You seem to be as sporadic on these lists as me.

back to the subject at hand. I recently picked up a Trensbatter no thats not a typo at least on my part. Its a clone of a Fujikura 60s. I have used Fujikuras for some time so I am used to the interface. It is a pretty good knock off. Only thing is the splice holders are not made to be used in the cleaver then moved to the splicer. It was a little annoying at first. After I got used to just moving the fiber from cleaver to splicer I found I actually could get it where the bare fiber was much smaller. all in all for less than 2k it has been pretty good.



On 8/8/2017 7:00 PM, Gerard Dupont III wrote:
We have a few of the Ruiyan RY-F600P core alignment fusion splicers from eBay. They're basic, but get the job done. Perfect for our install techs.


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    Couldn't say.

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    Good info, I'm not sure how the 12S compares to the 19S
    (replacement for 18S).

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        The spec sheet lists everything in Kit #2. Charger, cleaver,
        and carrying case are all on the list.

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        Is that with a cleaver and battery? Pretty good price for a
        fujikura. I paid about twice that for my 18S a few years ago.

        On Monday, August 7, 2017, Adam Moffett
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            We recently got brand new Fujikura 12S Kit #2 for $3200.
            From a vendor, not ebay.

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                found some info on the list but it was about 2 years
                ago so I thought
                I'd ping again and see if there's any new info out

                Looking for recommendations on the E-bay variety
                fusion splicers (ie:
                $3-5k)  - wondering what people have tried and
                liked?  IE the Eloik
                ALK-88 http://www.eloik.org/products/ALK_88.html


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