Integrating the OLT and ONT with all of their other products (AirFiber,
EdgeRouter, Prism, CPE, etc) in a single pane of glass, for one (and for

Outside of that? TBD.

On Aug 10, 2017 9:42 PM, "Adam Moffett" <> wrote:

> I saw it on the Baltic Networks website today, but I've never bought it.
> What are they doing different from any other fiber?
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> Those of you testing this stuff, where did you buy it?  All at the beta
> store? It isn't in stock in the Ubiquiti store right now, Streakwave has an
> item listed (not in stock), but the price is 3x what it was in the beta
> store.  Is it really this much of a jump in price?

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