If you have a 450 SM sitting around, an email to Matt Mangriotis to ask if you could get a BH license key for it couldn't hurt. Maybe they could do a demo key or something.

They did come out with a Rev B 450SM board a year or two ago. Maybe the original doesn't do UGPS power...? IIRC, I've read here, on the Cambium community site, or both, that some don't even have the UGPS power option. And if your customer says the one they have does, then... I have no freakin idea.

And I'm pretty sure you need pins 1,2,3&6 for UGPS power. I never wired pin 2 previously for FSK and 450 APs to SyncPipes and boxes. Probably should have. Oh well. Not a big deal to replace a timing cable though.

The obvious simple/quick solution would be a Parasitic pipe, since the PTP450/450SM is only 10/100 ethernet anyway.

All I know is that I have/do use UGPS power with your SBJ Aux's on 450i APs. And I've also tested it with regular 450 APs with a RJ45 to RJ12 adapter cable. Works in both cases. I have no PTP450 deployed or laying around to mess with. I have never bought nor touched a UGPS. Don't even have one CMM out there anymore. Sorry Cambium, PacketFlux is cheaper.

On 8/11/2017 6:00 PM, Forrest Christian (List Account) wrote:
I saw that ... But it has the option in the user interface to enable it, and at least one customer who claims it works with a ugps but not with my device.

There is also a spec sheet floating around which claims that it had a rj45 aux port. But that one looks like it's a half updated 450i ptp datasheet.

On Aug 11, 2017 3:23 PM, "George Skorup" <george.sko...@cbcast.com <mailto:george.sko...@cbcast.com>> wrote:

    The PTP450 spec sheet states:


    So.... no UGPS power on the timing port?

    On 8/11/2017 12:50 PM, Forrest Christian (List Account) wrote:
    I have some customers who are having problems powering one of my
    Syncbox receivers from a PTP450 radio  (uGPS power difference
    perhaps).  This is the radio which is derived from a 450SM and
    doesn't have the sync over power option, only sync over the
    timing port.   Not sure if there's something else different.

    So...  I need to get one here for testing, don't particularly
    need to buy a new one.   I don't even care if the RF section
    works or not - just need the radio to power on and for the sync
    port to work correctly....

    I don't seem to be able to find one of these in the normal used
    equipment locations that I check (ebay, SWG, PDM, etc).

    Anyone have an idea where I can get one of these?  I notice new
    isn't that expensive so I guess it's not the end of the world if
    I don't find one.

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