Well stated Adam but with one modification, Real Choice pricing includes end 
user support in the price.

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Basically with Viva you're clearing $3/month as a reseller.  The customer is 
theirs; they do billing and support.  No local channels unless you're in NYC.

Real Choice TV is earning you more like $10/month, and the customer is yours; 
you do billing and support.  You're also not tied to their MSRP price since 
you're doing billing.  If your local market can bear an additional $5/month for 
a given package then you can make $15 instead of $10 (as an example).  If I 
feel their $99 MSRP plan is worth $119 in my area then I could make $30/month 
on that.  You DO get your local channels.  You can white label it for an 
additional one time fee.

Viva has NO barrier to entry.  You email the address on their website and 
they'll have you set up same day.

Real Choice has a significant cost barrier to entry.  It's not ridiculous, but 
you do have to pay something for setup, buy a server from them, and you have to 
peer with their network.

I think if you can afford to get in with Real Choice then you have a better 
product and you will make more money on it.

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Looking at OTTV on TDAmeritrade, it does not look like it will survive 
financially. Is there something there that I am missing? The idea sounds great 
for our area, especially the Latino side of the equation. Does OTTV have a WISP 
re-seller plan? If so, how do we get info on that?
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