i must get 20+ messages a month from various vendors.  mostly part of being a 
WISPA member.
i glance at most...but most often just use shift-delete a whole lot.

I can mention several things I have really appreciated getting from "spam"

* Baicells Black Friday Deal
* Jeff Broadwick's newsletter posts
*  Chuck Mccown's product announcements

I guess there are other product announcements I prefer too.

I shop at Baltic a lot, i usually read their stuff
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  > You do realize that this list is my list, right?
    No, I did not know that. It doesn't say so when you sign up for the list. 

  > So essentially every time I make a posting here I am spamming you, right?
    Participating on the list isn't quite the same as inboxing me directly with 
a canned message. 

  > I used to do it every Friday right here on this list.
    Your list, your rules. I still don't think it's cool to send out 
unsolicited commercial messages without an opt-in. Furthermore industry best 
practices include using a double opt-in. Mailchimp support double opt-in: 

    In summary: I did not know that by joining the Af list I would, unbeknownst 
to me and surreptitiously, be signed up for another direct email list. 


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