Hey All,

I posted this on the FB WispTalk group but thought I'd put it out here as
well. As many of you may know, Wispmon sold to Sonar last September. I have
been employed by Sonar since then, but Sonar and I have amicably parted
ways. They are a great bunch of guys and I see nothing but success in their
future. I am still helping them finalize some conversions with Wispmon
stuff on a contract basis, and as I have become very familiar with the
product and the API specifically, I will be taking on third party
development work their customers need/want for added functionality, help
with importing data, and other things, as well as working on some other
projects which I couldn't do while in their employ. As Sonar owns the
Wispmon domain, this will be my last email from this address. I'll join the
group under a different address. Should anyone wish to contact me, please
do so at cc...@murcevilo.com.


Cameron Crum

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