Overall I think you are on track, but that's a BIG excavator at $100k for a
used one. How deep and wide is this trench? We spent about $25k for a used
7000lb size mini excavator with 800hours.

On Feb 21, 2018 8:53 PM, "Chuck McCown" <ch...@wbmfg.com> wrote:

> Lets say  you have an equipment operator that earns $20/hour.  I always
> double that for loaded cost.
> That operator can dig probably 50 foot/hour reliably.  So say 320 feet/day
> with start up and shut down inefficiencies.  8 x 40 = $320.  So $1/foot
> just for the labor.  More if we pay for a health insurance plan.
> Then equipment allowance.  $100K used excavator.  10% time value of money
> = $10K/year
> Depreciation expense, say $20K/year.
> So $30K/year.  If you kept it busy half the time, say 1000 hours, that is
> $30/hour.
> $240 per day.
> We are up to $560/day for 300 feet of ditch.  Round it up to $600 and you
> have a minimum of $2/foot.
> And knowing my estimates are generally off by half or 3x, perhaps $5/foot
> is a good planning figure for the true cost of digging a ditch.
> *From:* Chuck McCown
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> *Subject:* Excavation costs
> Anyone figured out what it costs them per foot for excavation using their
> own machine?
> I am working to figure out the real cost.
> What does it cost to have a contractor do it?

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