Over the years as our techs left i told the boss not to hire, we dont have
enough work, theyre lazy and dont self train, and most importantly i wanted
their wages for moar better radios. Was down to the last tech, he didnt put
his kickers down on the ladder and ate the ground, busted ankle, out for a

Im back to doing my job and the installation gig, like the old days, yum

This time areound i dont want to tear holes in all my pockets, thats where
i carried the toold a leatherman couldnt take care of.

Toolbelts never worked because i crawl everywhere i can get amd dropped
tools or got hung up.

A tool vest would be the bees knees just to keep the common ten tools and a
handful of perishables like cable ends and whatnot.

Anybody recomend one that will work over winter or summer clothes?

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