I used some LC to ST for something or other once upon a time and didn't have any issues.

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Single mode.  This is the issue.  We already have a multimode and a singlemode fiber in the conduit.  We have LC Duplex on both ends of both cables.  We used to run into the upstream Cisco DeMarc.  Now, we are doing a direct handoff 10G into their fiber distribution panel.

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    What is the type of existing cable you have currently in place ?
    Single Mode Fiber (typically yellow jacket) or Multi-Mode Fiber
    (typically orange jacket).

    There is nothing wrong in using these adapters, they work well. 
    There may be a wee bit of extra loss created, nothing different
    than what is created by having a 'connector'.


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        Have any of you ever used one of these adapters to go from LC
        to FC?  I'm trying to decide if I should pull a new cable or
        just adapt it.  It is for a 10G connection, and I don't know
        if the adapters are reliable or if they are another potential
        point of failure.
        Example: https://www.fs.com/products/12086.html

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