I would do all the shots less than 7 miles in 18GHz if you can’t get 11GHz.


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For the shorter(4-5 mile) links you could do something like the Siklu EX2500 
with 2' antennas and a hot fall over (This is a licensed feature but its cheap) 
 They also have an antenna with integrated 5GHz so if you were doing the backup 
in 5GHz you could do it all on one antenna.  The backup radio plugs into the 
Siklu and it does the fall over for you so you don't need to do that in routing 

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Yeah, if the actual requirements are a full duplex 1 gig link, then it's going 
to be expensive. It sounds like this is all going to be sharing the existing 1 
gig fiber that they already have, so I suspect that it probably doesn't really 
need to be a full gig everywhere... if that's the case, then it can be done a 
lot cheaper, and with a lot less spectrum. An 11ghz radio on a single 80mhz 
channel can do over 600Mbps, and can be had relatively cheap.
The cheapest way to get something that's close enough to a gig that won't 
matter to most people would be using B11's, but that's not full duplex, and it 
would burn up a LOT of spectrum... actually, I'm not sure if it would even be 
possible to run 4 B11 links that close to the same direction, even if the 
entire band is completely clear...

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so.. here is how things will break down for you ....

to do 1G duplex links, you have a few choices..
                60ghz or 80ghz  (very short links)
                or you do 24ghz (short to medium, depending on rain fade)
                11ghz or 6ghz.. you need to have freq available, and will be 
looking at roughly $15k / link
                             ( the pricing on 1G links in the range of $12k to 
$15k may change in depending on pricing announcement by Bridgewave's new 

Now if the requirements were say sub 1G  (500meg to 800meg) then you have a few 
more options
        which can be in the range of $3k to $7k  per link

Bigger challenge will be finding enough licensed spectrum to do what is needed.

Best of luck.


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Not familiar with this product....will download specs
Jaime Solorza

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Bang it out with PTP820C ring
Most of the switching is now for doing such a thing is built right into the ODU 
if you go all outdoor.
They do make a split unit or an all indoor unit as well.

On 02/23/2018 10:30 AM, Jaime Solorza wrote:
That is what I was thinking...4 P2P links and tie them in at office...I wonder 
if you could colocate 4 11GHz links successfully?
Jaime Solorza

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If budget isn't a problem, I would put up P2P to every location in a ring 
topology. A little routing or switch magic (your preference) and you have a 
redundant setup.

On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 10:03 AM Jeremy 
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I would assume that you can add a fourth location...

On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 9:00 AM, Jeremy 
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CL has an option called Fiber Plus that will give them a gig at three 
locations.  ISPs are not eligible, as it no longer allows resale.  If they can 
get that deal, it would be your best bet.  They tie everything together on a 
On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 8:33 AM, Jaime Solorza 
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Going to have a meeting with company that has a 1GBps feed to office from 
CenturyLink.   They have four remote locations (4.1, 4.4, 6.2 and 9.1 miles ) 
from office.   All are west and with a 60 degree span if I was using a sectored 
antenna.  On email, they indicated they want licensed links and want to deliver 
1GBps to each location. Not sure if they are adding more CenturyLink feeds to 
provide 1Gig to each site.  I wonder what you guys would recommend?  I know 
it's a energy company and Pecan farm outfit in eastern  NM.  Let's say they 
have good budget , dazzle me with your suggestions?
Jaime Solorza



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