There are a lot of factors that go into both the aerial and underground
costs. Entirely depends on the terrain, density of housing, city vs
country, pole make ready work, etc etc.

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, TJ Trout <> wrote:

> I'm looking at venturing into fiber, I've done enough research and bugged
> most of you on the list that I think I have enough knowledge to get going
> (and be dangerous).
> I'm looking at two options for our area,
> 1. Service newer subdivisions of houses that are currently served by cable
> and dsl with speeds up to 1G in certain areas, average is about 50mbps,
> this would be an all directional drill job underground.
> What is a good cost per ft, or cost per house passed for drilling, conduit
> and fiber?
> 2. Service the older side of town that has mostly overhead utilities by
> signing an attachment agreement with the local power company, much lower
> deployment cost and generally a more 'under served' area but also a lower
> income area, using almost 100% pole attachments.
> What is a good cost per ft or house passed (these are all small
> 1000-2000ft2 homes with small parcels) for cable, and pole attachment
> fee's, lashing, etc?
> I'm looking at PON but may go AE depending on some factors....
> Anyone bored enough to throw some advice my way?
> Thank you!
> TJ Trout

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