For how long? I have several clients using them and they are completely happy 
with the response time. That has not changed.  I know people go on vacation, 
lots of flu going around, trade shows, etc.  This is also the time of year 
things aren’t busy for many ISPs, especially here in the MidWest.  I would say 
the average customer ticket que size has dropped 50% for most of my folks since 
mid January. If I were someone like ServerPlus, and that trend was happening I 
would be putting people on internal projects during these times.  Not speaking 
for them, but at least for my folks, it’s a slow time.

Justin Wilson

> On Mar 10, 2018, at 12:30 AM, Steve Jones <> wrote:
> Has anyone noted a consistent decline in quality with these guys, and a large 
> number of different tech names in their tickets?
> Its almost looking like they outsourced their outsourcing.

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