So I'm looking at deploying 60GHz equipment, and we currently have a very small fiber network. With the 60GHz, fiber, and even 5GHz nanopops I can offer huge amounts of bandwidth to end users.... but I have two questions:

* My wholesale bandwidth costs are dirt cheap (that's not a problem just a statement).... so picking up the bandwidth is not an issue.

* Do end users actually care if I offer them a 200-300-400Megabit plan?

* I can offer extremely cheap Internet - like 200 Megabits for $100, or maybe even $75 -- I haven't run a full business case yet. But how do I avoid cannibalizing my existing income? "Oh! You have 200 Megabits for $75? Well then I'd like to downgrade from your $90 for 35 Megabit plan"

* Do I throw on some huge data limit? What do you do if an end-user actually decided to use 200megabits 24x7? Sure it's fine if it's temporal usage, but it can't be a 24 x7. Maybe throttle to half the speed if X usage?

Still very much in the exploratory stage of all of this -- but working on long term business plans.

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