Domain validation is usually cheaper.  Nobody's complained about it yet.
I have one wildcard cert on POP/SMTP server, webmail, website, customer portal, etc.

The only problem is when you forget to pay for it they're all broken at the same time lol.

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Subject: [AFMUG] ssl certs

Our current cert for our billing server (powercode) is about to expire. For some time web browsers have been throwing up the insecure flag, probably needed to update it.

What does a guy need in a certificate these days? godaddy is where we have it from, they have all kinds of options like green bar guarantee cert, etc.

I have thought about getting one thats good for more than one page, just to get rid of the annoying security screen on our managment port and mobile. but the wildcard cert seems more pricey than id prefer for something thats just convienient rather than needed

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