Title: 320 SM
Forrest posted he needed a 320AP for testing.  Apparently somebody is still using these things.  I have about a dozen SM's if anyone is interested.  Most were deployed, but think I have one or two still NIB.  Hit me off list if you need these.

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Monday, April 9, 2018, 1:44:10 AM, you wrote:

I've never been able to procure a 320 access point for my lab, always been able to borrow one, and that's not a possiblity anymore.

Is there by chance someone on the list with a 320 access point on the shelf that they would like to get rid of for next to nothing?   I need it to power on and be able to receive sync, anything else I don't really care about unless it affects poweron and sync testing.   I.E. I don't really care if the rf side works reliably, but I would care if the sync is blown out, or the radio wasn't stable (crashes, reboots, etc) since those would impact my ability to verify proper operation of the radio.

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