We redistribute default at both our edge/bgp routers, customer traffic
egresses closest router
The edge routers are the only ones we filter (bad operators like me
announce connected-DONT DO THIS) but we dont announce our provider facing
all ospf neighbors are ptp
we use the same /32 as the ospf router Id and thats the target management IP
input drop all with excluded ACL
We do have an all interface for ease of bringing up OSPF as long as the
link network is in the network list, we then copy to static. This is
probably bad form
other than adjusting cost we stay very generic

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 10:36 AM, Sterling Jacobson <sterl...@avative.net>

> I've got all sorts of conflicting entries now in my CCR for OSPF.
> Some I have all interfaces manually registered, is that supposed to be
> there?
> Some networks are specific IP's, some are /24 net wide, some have some
> public IP client space I'm routing internally, some externally.
> I think after a few years and a few people getting in these and making
> changes I've got to clean house.
> Can anyone share like the basics of how they set up OSPF for a router that
> also does BGP, and then the other core routers in a ring?

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