We have one in every vehicle.
much better than shovels,
stong enought to last
> I thought this device looked interesting. Soil conditions obviously make a
difference in how well it works. Kind of like the edger but modified for the
wire purpose and more rugged. Chuck could probably build and sell these for
everyone pretty reasonable or just go to your local welder and have them make
one for you.


Thank You,
Brian Webster

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Ive cut enough sod and hand trenched all im going to do anymore. Same reason i
bought a compactor and quit hand tamping lime

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018, 2:34 PM Adam Moffett <dmmoff...@gmail.com> wrote:
Then there's the manual version:
T-Handle Trench Shovel

I've used a flat spade. Stab into ground, jump on it so it goes all the way in,
pull it out, move down a few inches, jump on it again. You end up with a skinny
slot. Shove cable into theslot, stomp your boots on it to close the slot back

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Yeah I was gonna say an edger is about the cheapest thing.
Only goes a few inches deep, but that's all you need.

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Don't know if this would apply, but in the past I have used a sidewalk edger to
install an "Invisible Fence" for dogs.

Off-Grid Networks

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 10:17 AM, David Coudron <david.coud...@advantenon.com>
We have been looking for something better as well and found the one you
mentioned. There are some pretty neat walk behind products out there too, but
more money and not very convenient. Today we use lawn edgers, which only get
the cable down about 1.5”. It seems to be far enough, but would like it to be a
little deeper. We also use an inhouse built mini-plow device that goes behind a
lawn mower or 4 wheeler. That works pretty good, but is not convenient as we
have to pull to the site on a trailer. However, we can plow in 300 ft in about
10 minutes with that. It has a spool holder and everything. . The shovel works,
but is painfully slow and when the grass is really dry, it kills the grass as
it dries out the sod that was flipped over.

For right now we are batching up the work and pulling a 4-wheeler to the site
with the mini-plow, or if it is a one off situation, we use the hand held lawn

A sawsall based product or similar would be ideal as the tech could always have
it with them.


David Coudron

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like this
but not 2 grand

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 12:01 PM, Josh Reynolds <j...@kyneticwifi.com> wrote:
A shovel? Push the shovel down, flip the grass on it's top. Continue for length
of run. Lay cable. Flip grass back over. Push down with foot.

You can't even tell the grass was disturbed when done

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018, 11:59 AM Steve Jones <thatoneguyst...@gmail.com> wrote:
For these residential deals, we occasionally lose out on new customers because
they dont want to trench cable themselves.
For this purpose it really only need 4 to 8 inches, just to stay under the sod.
Is there a device that attaches to a drill or sawzall? Maybe a chainsaw modified
bar or a bucksaw trenching blade?
Not looking to get into a whole trencher, just something that ideally would fit
in the truck on a shelf

Jon Lee
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