The app is dog shit and only getting worse. 

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i use hangouts to communicate with my boy, its handy 

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One to consider is Google Voice. 

You sign up for a free phone number account but it also has a chat client. Can 
be app based on the phone or browser based as well. One nice feature of the 
Google Voice chat is that you can also be texting/chatting with mobile users 
just like texting between phones. Make conversations, with those in the office 
easier because they don't have to use their phone, they can be on the computer 
using a full keyboard. Supports full MMS, pictures, hyperlinks etc. There is a 
chrome plugin as well. Side benefit is that is have the voice/phone features 
including voicemail and voicemail to text transcription, call screening and 
call forwarding based on rules or no answer conditions. 

Still is the evil empire and them tracking al that you do so there is that 

Thank You, 
Brian Webster 

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With the demise of AIM, and not being on any social media sites, what's 
available for Instant messaging apps these days? Basically so I can send the 
boss Hyperlinks without having to do everything through email 
while we're on an intercom call. It looks like offers a 
service that is ad free for $2/user/mo But I thought I saw that there was a $10 
minimum somewhere. 


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