Yes we’re in Hagerstown. I’m not on the MD coop fiber but would be happy to 
talk about our options.

Clint Wiley
Hagerstown Fiber Internet

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Hey Clint,

Are you in Hagerstown MD?  We're also looking at adding realchoice and already 
have a 10G wave into DC2 to TPT Baltimore.  Not sure if your on the Maryland BB 
coop fiber but if so it might be easy to work something out.

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How has Viva panned out?

Mike Hammett
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Midwest Internet Exchange<http://www.midwest-ix.com/>
The Brothers WISP<http://www.thebrotherswisp.com/>

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We are doing Viva and WISPs will be able to sign up on it Monday with 


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I wanted to see if any of you are offering IPTV to your customers. If so, are 
any of you using either RodeoTV or RealChoice TV as the wholesale provider? Can 
any of you provide feedback, thoughts, experiences, etc. on either provider?

Clint Wiley
Hagerstown Fiber Internet

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