Yep.  So I unplugged a cell phone booster I put in my office last week.

Have not installed it correctly, antenna in a window and the other antenna on my desk. Solid metal building. I have a big one for the whole building but coverage is poor in my office.

Phone seems to be cooling a little bit now. I am thinking perhaps I have a weird feedback loop or something happening with the phone and the booster.

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getting hot with the display off?

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Another question/puzzle for the borg.� Just got a call on an iphone. The phone got hotter than hell.� So much so I thought I had a thermal runaway in the battery.� It was almost becoming painful. After the call I put it in airplane mode, cancelled any open programs and left it on the desk.� Has cooled right down.
So, it was not thermal runaway.� Had to be CPU going like crazy.
Just canceled the airplane mode and it is getting hot again... Dang.
Hate to have to get a new phone.

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