Hi everybody, at Swahili Wikipedia we have an unusual project; the University of Dar es Salaam asked for a manuscript for a Swahili Lexicon of Astronomy. This will be the text of all related articles on our wikipedia. (The proposal gives some background about this request). In September we would like to have a workshop that brings together Wikipedians from Dar es Salaam with members of the "Astronomy and Space Science Association of Tanzania" to revise the existing articles, prepare the manuscript for the university and enter the revisions into the online articles. I posted a Rapid Grant Proposal to have WMF fund the workshop. This project shows the opportunities for our African Language Wikipedias which often will be the only existing encyclopedias in these languages.

I am happy if members can support the proposal by endorsing https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Rapid/Swwiki_workshop_astronomia#Project_Goal.

(By PC press the "Endorse" button in the box on the right and fill in the popup-box; by phone this does not work, you have to scroll down to the end until you see "Endorsements", press the stylus-edit-symbol and add your comment under the last line)


Ingo - Kipala

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