I agree 100% with you. rouncer81 is just stirring up racial trouble. Such talk 
should be banned from here. I do not wish to be associated with such talk. MODS?

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I don't think so. Indians have a great history of engineering.

By the way, for your information I am Persian and I like and respect Indians 
and other ethnic groups.

I think you should improve your social skills, study more about history and 
also focus more on the topic of the group. Such speech is not the subject of 
this group.

On Mon, Aug 5, 2019, 10:39 PM 
<rounce...@hotmail.com<mailto:rounce...@hotmail.com>> wrote:
90% of the indians live in the mud,  the rest of them had their house built by 
europeans -   and u ALL know its true.
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